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We offer training courses in NDT in the various methods at all levels.  We have extensive experience in training NDT personnel in eddy current, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, ultrasonics and visual testing methods.  If you do not have a written practice or procedure which details your NDT, NDE or NDI qualification and certification requirements, we can write that written practice for you.  This is your written practice and someone in your organization will be responsible for your certification.  We will provide services to qualify your personnel.  Your written practice or procedure will have the necessary forms to document training, experience and qualification as defined in various qualification and certification documents your customers want compliance with.  We can assist you in what ever way is best for you.

We hold periodic courses in the various NDT methods.  If you would like to have your personnel participate or are interested in an inplant course, please contact us either at our e-mail, phone number or address below.


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